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  • 3 year old adult male
  • 85
    large 85 lbs dog
  • short white Fur
  • energetic
  • playful
  • friendly

Please contribute your photos and videos of Dodger


Dodger is a very interesting young adult. For some reason he is on the brink of shutting down in the shelter. He appears detached but wants to engage you. He does this slowly. Not really food reactive nor toy he was simply content just taking a walk on leash around the play yard. That he did very well and seemed to predict where you wanted him to follow. He is a mellow dog who needs a home with a patient and loving family that will give him the right amount of attention, through praise and training to perfectly come out of his shell. I can see the love in his eyes, please come and see that too at the Downey Shelter.

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