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  • 3 year old adult male
  • 70
    large 70 lbs dog
  • medium black & brown Fur
  • moderate
  • playful
  • friendly

Please contribute your photos and videos of Holiday


Holiday is a handsome, gem of a dog. He's very smart, loyal and fun. A group of us spent time with him in the play yard and he was so happy being the focus of attention. He spent time with each person and loved relaxing and getting hugs. Holiday is a sweet soul. He's ready for his new family and ready to give years of love to you.

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  1. Patricia Fitzgerald
    Patricia Fitzgerald 5 months

    Holiday is so sweet! Watch the videos and see how great he is with dogs of all sizes - even the little ones! He loves people of all sizes as well!

  2. christina_renee2004
    christina_renee2004 6 months

    Dude. This guy is a true sweetheart!

  3. Mirja Bishop
    Mirja Bishop 6 months

    Had Holiday in the yard for a short time. He had a lot of energy and once he got to use some of it up he was very interested in the people and sat next to them enjoying his back rub.